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Sunny by Sue began in a surprising manner in some ways fitting to the Unique product it eventually created. It started with a dream! Sue literally dreamt the idea one night, her idea of individually painted gin glasses clear in her mind down to what the packaging should look like! 

Sue then worked hard creating Sunny by Sue and perfecting the designs and creations. Nothing is planned, no drawings are made, each design is borne directly from Sue’s mind. As soon as she picks up a glass a new design flows. 

The period cottage Sue lives and works from today is her childhood home, the  flowers in the cottage garden are an inspiration for her floral designs. Sunny by Sue glassware is created using a unique paint formula, producing a striking, raised, tactile effect, unlike usual painted glassware, perfect for your favourite Gin and Tonic. 

Sunny by Sue has won multiple awards including former Dragon’s den dragon Theo Paphitis’ SBS award, Jacqueline Golds’s #WOW award and Gift of the Year 2018, chosen by the Giftware Association. 

Sue’s passion for design and her drive to create her dreamed of brand have combined to make a truly unique and unparalleled product.

Available in stockists all over UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe; many of these also sell online.

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